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Moravian Missions - A Culture Divided, Labrador (46/65)

This is also part of this series: HistoryLands Season 4 (13)

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Hopedale, Nain and Hebron (inhabited as early as 4045 BC). In 1751 these communities would become ports of early international relations. From Germany, Moravian Missionaries arrived. They came speaking Inuktitut - praising the ingenious ways of the Inuit - marveling at their ability to survive in what has been described as the land God gave to Cain. The Inuit quickly adopted German customs and inter-wove them with their own music, design and language. But their presence would be marked by the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and the desertion of Hebron in 1959 - a memory still very much alive in those forced to relocate. Hebron, is now a historic site - Hopedale and Nain are the last living communities in the area - communities that continue to practice Moravian tradition as they try to recapture Inuit traditions of their own.