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My Millennial Life - Long Version

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Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Makin' Movies
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 80 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2016
Available in French: No

“In my mind growing up, it was like, after public school you go to high school, after high school you go to university, you get your degree and then you’re somebody. And I thought that that entitled me to some type of career but really that’s just simply not the case.”    
- Emily, 24
My Millennial Life, winner of the 2017 Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary Program, is a provocative documentary about big dreams, crushing disappointments, friendship, career, love, and taking your place in the world.
It’s a heart-stopping portrayal of the adventures of five dynamic 20-somethings as they launch themselves, and the obstacles and opportunities they face along the way.
The documentary features a diverse group of post-college millennials struggling to launch their lives. They’re smart, articulate, open, opinionated, big-hearted, cynical, in debt and anxious to make their mark. And they each have a unique story to tell.
Meet Hope, a 25 year-old who wears her hopes on her sleeve. She’s had five high profile media internships in New York and still can’t find more than a dead-end job. She lives at home – so does her boyfriend - and both yearn for independence. Hope wants to be somebody but feels she’s falling behind.
Like Hope, Meron, 21, wants to break into digital journalism. She moved to Toronto to study and, after graduating, can’t catch a break. She’s applied for 200 jobs so far and is prepared to apply to 200 more. In the meantime, she supports herself as a chambermaid in a trendy boutique hotel.
On the other hand, James, at 25, seems like he’s well on his road to success. He dropped out of out of college to create a tech startup, won a NASA competition and was accepted into Google for Entrepreneurs. But the reality is his parents are funding his business and he’s terrified of failure.
Tim, 24, wants to be a rock star – literally. Meanwhile his day job is to chronicle people’s misery by transcribing their insurance claims. He’s a realist with a cynical wit and knows he needs a few more ideas beyond his music dreams in order to get by.
Clever, critical and self-aware, 24 year old Emily is on an emotional roller coaster. Her parents divorced when she was a little girl yet fought over her until she was 21. Disheartened after getting her B.A. and unsure of her next steps, she went back to college to kickstart her job prospects. She’s desperate to take charge of her life, stand on her own two feet and stop feeling lost.
The featured subjects are often more educated than their parents, yet they’re finding it harder than ever to get where they want to go. They’re living the bleak reality where over 40 per cent of people in their age group are either unemployed or underemployed.
My Millennial life is an entertaining, humorous and honest look at a group of resourceful, charming and talented individuals. Through their eyes, we watch them struggling to find jobs, pay off huge student debts, form lifelong relationships and ultimately launch themselves and make their marks.

"A major work about the current twentysomething generation" - "as this lovely, textured documentary unfolds and we learn more about the subjects, going beneath the surface, all we can feel is sympathy" - John Doyle, The Globe and Mail


Winner - Gold Medal for Documentary, New York Film & Television Awards
Winner - Best Documentary Program, Canadian Screen Award 


Awards for the Film's Website:
Winner of New Media Award, New Media Festival, L.A. 
Nominated for CSA Award - Best Documentary Cross Platform

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