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School Bd/College/University DVD: $450
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Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Bullfrog Films
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 73 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2016
Available in French: No

Could humans live on Mars? Would we want to? Emmy-nominated filmmaker, Ian Cheney, provides insight into our currently unsustainable relationship with our home planet by examining the sci-fi speculation of "terraforming," or making another planet Earth-like, by altering its atmosphere. He calls on a multifaceted brain trust to process this big idea including a desert camp of Mars hopefuls, a bevy of sci-fi writers, Hurricane Sandy survivors, the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, and a who's who of astrobiologists and earth scientists. BLUESPACE makes a strong case for taking better care of our water-rich planet so that future generations won't have to resort to interplanetary colonization.
At times whimsical and funny, serious and poignant and always stimulating, this is a unique exploration of current thinking about the origins and evolution of life and its relationship to water.
"Stunning imagery and thought-provoking commentary...Bluespace engages its viewers with the surprisingly interconnected issues of terraforming Mars while preserving Earth...This film delivers a powerful statement, contrasting our scientific capabilities with our moral obligations in a way that is sure to provoke much discussion following its classroom or community screening." - Dr. Victor Baker, Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources,
Professor of Planetary Sciences and Geosciences, University of Arizona
DVD Features
DVD includes both the original 73- minute version of the film and a 54- minute classroom version, along with SDH captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and scene selection.
Note:  The classroom version presents some key sequences and interview subjects in a slightly different order, and features narration by director Ian Cheney not present in the theatrical version. 


Screened at:

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
Camden International Film Festival
Salem Film Festival

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