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Pink Boy

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $195
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Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Video Project
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 15 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2015
Available in French: No

Pink Boy is a verité-style documentary profiling a young gender non-conforming boy growing up in a conservative area of rural Florida.

Six-year old Jeffrey likes nothing better than to put on a gown and dance for his two lesbian moms, who adopted him expecting they would raise a boy. Mom BJ successfully avoided dresses and girls' toys her entire life and admits she initially had a hard time when her son expressed feminine interests.

"Pink boys" have their unique challenges: they do not neatly fit into a single gender box, and instead create a space between genders, which this film explores. They like to dress in girl’s clothing and play with girl toys, but still identify as boys. These children often face widespread ignorance and shaming, sometimes from their own families. They often live with daily threats of bullying and violence and are at high risk for depression and suicide as they reach their teens.

Pink Boy’s verité-style allows the viewer to experience life through Jeffrey’s eyes. Thanks to supportive parents, we see Jeffrey confidently move between masculine and feminine in dress-up time at school, a rodeo in Georgia, and the ultimate holiday for a pink boy, Halloween. As Jeffrey increasingly wishes to be publicly identified as a girl called Jessie, his parents must learn both to accept and to navigate when it is safe for him in an often hostile environment.
Outtakes & Extended Interviews with Jeffrey's moms and school principal
• Adopting Jeffrey
• The First Hint
• Reactions to Jeffrey Dressing Up
• Jeffrey's School
• Getting Ready for Halloween
• Mom Sherrie Interview
"As a gay man who grew up in a different era, I experienced what it was like to be in the closet. I was inspired to make this film when I started hearing stories of families whose children expressed their gender differences at the earliest age. It made me start thinking about what would it be like if you grew up and you were never in the closet. And how would that affect your identity and your confidence and how you approach the world? So I had this vision of an entire generation of kids someday growing up that way. When I met BJ, Sherrie, and Jeffrey (now Jessie), I felt that I had found the family that could best tell this story.”
- Eric Rockey
“A story of the unconditional love of family and parents who recognize the importance of creating a safe space for their son to live out his truth.” - Telluride Film Festival  

Best Short, DOC NYC 2015
Jury Award, Best Documentary Short, Palm Springs ShortFest 
Audience Award, Best Short, Nantucket Film Festival 
Grand Prize, Viola M. Marshall Audience Choice Award for Best LGBTQ Film, Flickers: RI Int'l Film Fest.
Jury Award for Best Short, MiFo LGBT Film Festival Fort Lauderdale 
Nominated for Short Doc, Sheffield Doc/Fest 

Official Selection
Sheffield Doc/Fest
Telluride Mountainfilm
Florida Film Festival
Traverse City Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival
Palm Springs ShortFest

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