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Enemy Within, The

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $450


Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Bullfrog Films
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 112 mins
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2014
Available in French: No

THE ENEMY WITHIN provides unique insight into one of the most dramatic events in British history: the 1984-85 Miners' Strike. No experts. No politicians. Thirty years on, this is the raw first-hand experience of those who lived through Britain's longest strike. Follow the highs and lows of that life-changing year.
In 1984, a Conservative government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declared war on Britain's unions, taking on the strongest in the country, the National Union of Mineworkers. Following a secret plan, the government began announcing the closure of coal mines, threatening not just an industry but whole communities and a way of life.
Against all the forces the government could throw at them, 160,000 coal miners took up the fight. THE ENEMY WITHIN tells the story of a group of miners and supporters who were on the frontline of that strike for an entire year. These were people that Margaret Thatcher labelled "the enemy within".
Using interviews and a wealth of rare and never before seen archival footage, THE ENEMY WITHIN draws together personal experiences - whether they're tragic, funny or terrifying - to take the audience on an emotionally powerful journey through the dramatic events of that year.

NOTE: Contains strong language.
"A compelling testament to the power of solidarity...Feminist, LGBT, and Black Power organizations all had a hand in gathering money and supplies...The Enemy Within is not only a compelling account of social struggle, and the methods the miners employed to carry on, but it also serves as an inspiration towards another way of thinking about and conceiving politics."  - Riad Azar, Logos: A Journal of Modern Society and Culture
DVD Features
DVD can be played in two 56-minute parts for classroom and other uses
DVD can also be played with the filmmakers' commentary
There are 5 extra short films:
ALL OUT! DANCING IN DULAIS - The Real Story behind "PRIDE" [23:23]
Also PREMIERE IN LONDON - Short interviews [3:07]
THE RIDLEY PLAN, the government's notorious blueprint for how to bring down the unions, a PDF® on the DVD-ROM portion of the disc
+ Subtitles in English and scene selection


Audience Award, Sheffield Doc/Fest
Docsoup, Hot Docs Monthly Film Series

Screened at:

New Zealand International Film Festival
Belfast Film Festival
London Labour Film Festival
Cambridge Film Festival
Borderlines Film Festival

Links: the-enemy-within.org.uk/

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