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Hi Opie (39)

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Grade Level: JK-Gr3
Producer: marblemedia
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 39x7 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2014
Available in French: No

Hi Opie! is a fun-filled introduction to the joys, fears, challenges and triumphs of kindergarten.

Hi Opie! is a live-action JK-Gr1 series that follows the social, emotional and intellectual escapades of 5 year old Opie, a new kid in kindergarten and your new puppet friend. Opie and his real kid classmates are in their first year of all-day kindergarten – uncertain just what to expect. With each new day, Opie learns more about himself, his friends and his two teachers.

Each story marks a new chapter in Opie’s personal growth as he participates in, struggles with and inevitably succeeds in kindergarten activities. With a clear and attainable goal, it is the process of learning through play – having fun, asking questions, experimenting with the consequences of one’s actions, persevering through adversity, imagining, and, of course, continuing to be curious – that leads to Opie’s personal growth.
Guiding and facilitating Opie and his classmates in their first year of kindergarten is their teacher Ms. Doney and Early Childhood Educator Jonathan. The pair implements a play-based learning philosophy allowing the children to make their own discoveries and mistakes in order to help build their confidence.

Opie’s classmates all come from different backgrounds and each have their own unique stories to tell. This group of smart, fun-loving and caring kids join Opie on what is also their first foray into kindergarten. Together they explore their new environment and share their experiences with one another while forming fast friendships.
Educational Objectives:
• Kindergarten readiness.
• Helping children prepare and appreciate the cultural diversity of a classroom.
• Personal and social development.
• Confidence-building.
• Support of a typical kindergarten curriculum including: the arts, science and technology, math and language.
The Series’ Educational Advisor:
Dr. Heather Knoepfli – PhD, Early Childhood Educator at Ryerson University, a Member of the College of Early Childhood Educators and Director of Brant’s Children Centre in Burlington, Ontario.
Dr. Knoepfli was consulted about every aspect of the show from topics to scripts and everything in between.
Interesting facts about the series:
• Opie was designed and custom built by the experts at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.
• Opie’s friends are not professional actors, but are real kids, playing themselves, aged 4 to 6 years old.
• Even though each episode is scripted, the kids are encouraged to improvise parts of their scene with language and phrases they may use in their everyday life, making it more natural.



Series Titles Clip Producer
Opie the Special Helper (1/39) marblemedia
Opie Tidies Up (2/39) marblemedia
Opie Can't Decide (3/39) marblemedia
Special Show and Tell, A (4/39) marblemedia
Opie Makes Music (5/39) marblemedia
Opie's Monster Day (6/39) marblemedia
Better Than A Bandage (7/39) marblemedia
All By Myself (8/39) marblemedia
Opie's Rocket Fuel (9/39) marblemedia
Eco-hero (10/39) marblemedia
Opie Knows It All (11/39) marblemedia
Opie's Backwards Day (12/39) marblemedia
Opie's Other Half (13/39) marblemedia
Opie's Trading Day (14/39) marblemedia
Opie's Big Performance (15/39) marblemedia
Opie's Gotta Go (16/39) marblemedia
Stop Means Stop (17/39) marblemedia
Anything I Can Do (18/39) marblemedia
Opie Sorts It Out (19/39) marblemedia
Not Ms. Doney (20/39) marblemedia
Double Duty (21/39) marblemedia
Opie Makes a Match (22/39) marblemedia
World's First Friendship Hat, The (23/39) marblemedia
Opie's Hiccup Dance (24/39) marblemedia
Opie Tries Something New (25/39) marblemedia
Opie's Friend Benjamin (26/39) marblemedia
Case of the Sparkle Monster, The (27/39) marblemedia
Leaves Count! (28/39) marblemedia
Corinne's Mom (29/39) marblemedia
Opie Rocks (30/39) marblemedia
Indoor Recess (31/39) marblemedia
Opie's Restaurant (32/39) marblemedia
Next Store Neighbours (33/39) marblemedia
Opie's Pirate Treasure (34/39) marblemedia
Dinosaurs For All (35/39) marblemedia
Opie's Dilemma (36/39) marblemedia
Promise is a Promise, A (37/39) marblemedia
Opie Makes Mistakes (38/39) marblemedia
Happily Ever After (39/39) marblemedia

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