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Spring and Arnaud

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $250
K-12 Single School DVD: $95
3 yr Streaming Rights: $250.00
DVD+3yr Str. Rights: $375.00


Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Site Media
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 67 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2013
Available in French: No

Spring & Arnaud is a breathtakingly tender and intelligent love story about acclaimed Canadian artists Spring Hurlbut and Arnaud Maggs. Both have internationally respected careers. Spring who recently turned 60 is focused on a series of mysterious photographs made with human remains, Arnaud, at 86, is methodically putting his life's work in order. Together and alone each grapples with the contradictory nature of an artist's creativity where the restless drive for invention and discovery are at odds with the finite reality of life.
The film is from a first person perspective. Spring and Arnaud talk about their work, each others work and their lives. There are no external experts. While the film has substantial interviews, many are hand held and are intertwined with actuality.
Individual portraits of Spring and Arnaud as working artists are interwoven with a portrait of their life together in their beloved house in France and in their Toronto home and studios. The film moves back and forth between solo and couple interviews. We come to know their individual bodies of work and the impact of sharing their lives. Spring and Arnaud talk individually about their own works and describe the work of each other. Through these conversations, Spring and Arnaud invite us into their private worlds.
The film illustrates major works from each artist. Spring and Arnaud discuss their works on camera and their working processes are shown.
The camera captures the visually rich and precise world of these strong individuals; the texture of their surroundings; the humor of their interaction and their struggles to bring their ideas to life.
The film immerses the viewer in a world shaped by a profound dedication to distill from daily experience that which is most meaningful and challenging in life.

“Cinematically gorgeous...”
“a breathtakingly tender and intelligent love story”   
 - Lynne Fernie, HOT DOCS
“ …an elegiacally inflected love story between equals, the co-directors never privileging one artist’s oeuvre or sensibility over the other’s. Mostly it’s just Arnaud and Spring, looking, talking, not talking, gesturing, at their cottage in France, their home and studios in Toronto, a flea market, the National Gallery in Ottawa. Affectionate and respectful, it’s also gorgeous to look at.”
- James Adams – The Globe and Mail – 3.5 Stars out of 4
“This film is itself a work of art, filled with wonderful images and crisply edited. But it’s the human saga of a quirky but richly satisfying personal relationship that will make Spring & Arnaud connect with audiences in a way that cultural documentaries rarely do. Their art works may be serious, but there’s a lightness about their relationship that makes them seem like irresistible characters in a TV sitcom.”
- Martin Knelman – The Toronto Star


Official Selection Hot Docs 2013
#6 - of The Top Ten Audience Favourites Hot Docs 2013

- interview with filmmakers Katherine Knight and Marcia Connolly



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