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City Dark, The

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $395


Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: Bullfrog Films
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 83 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2011
Available in French: No

THE CITY DARK chronicles the disappearance of darkness. The film follows filmmaker (and amateur astronomer) Ian Cheney (KING CORN, BIG RIVER, TRUCK FARM), who moves to New York City from Maine and discovers an urban sky almost completely devoid of stars. He poses a deceptively simple question, "What do we lose, when we lose the night?"
Exploring the threat of killer asteroids in Hawai'i, tracking disoriented hatching turtles along the Florida coast, and rescuing birds on Chicago streets injured by collisions with buildings, Cheney unravels the myriad implications of a globe glittering with lights--including increased breast cancer rates from exposure to light at night, and a generation of kids without a glimpse of the universe above. In six chapters weaving together cutting-edge science with personal, meditative sequences reflecting on the human relationship to the sky, THE CITY DARK shines new light on the meaning of the dark.
The film features stunning astrophotography and a cast of eclectic scientists, philosophers, historians, and lighting designers including Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, astronaut Don Pettit, neurologist Dr. George Brainard, Harvard Medical School scientist Dr. Steven Lockley, cosmologist Chris Impey, and lighting designer Hervé Descottes.
"Wonderful film...The myriad implications of a planet glittering with artificial lights are explored, from increased health risks to a generation of kids deprived of the wonders of the universe. Featuring stunning astrophotography and a cast of eclectic scientists, historians, and lighting designers, The City Dark is a cautionary tale of light pollution and the disappearance of the night sky." - San Francisco Green Film Festival
DVD Features
Includes the original 83-minute version and a 58-minute classroom version of the film, plus SDH captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and scene selection.

Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature, Environmental Film Festival at Yale
New York Times Critics' Pick
Jury Prize for Best Score/Music, SXSW Film Festival

Screened at:
Mountainfilm in Telluride
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Indianapolis Film Festival
Woods Hole Film Festival
Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival
Maui International Film Festival
Independent Film Festival, Boston
Geek Film Festival
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
San Francisco Green Film Festival
Durango Independent Film Festival

Links: www.thecitydark.com/

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