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Mother - Caring for 7 Billion

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Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Tiroir A Films Prod.
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 68 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: Yes, Link Below

Copyright Date: 2011
Available in French: Yes

Mother, the film, breaks a 40-year taboo by bringing to light an issue that silently fuels our most pressing environmental, humanitarian and social crises - population growth. It is a critical time to talk about this subject because the world’s population has now reached seven billion people.

In the film we meet Beth – a loving mother, a child-rights activist and a member of a very large American family of 12. After realizing her own family's impact on the planet, Beth then travels to Ethiopia to understand the developing world’s crises and solutions. There she meets a young woman Zinet, living in extreme poverty, who, against all odds, found the courage to break free from thousand-year-old-cultural barriers by refusing to get married young and going to school.

Grounded in the theories of social scientist Riane Eisler, the film strives not to blame but to educate, to highlight a different path for humanity. Overpopulation is merely a symptom of an even larger problem - a "domination system" that for most of human history has glorified the domination of man over nature, man over child and man over woman.

To break this pattern, the film demonstrates that we must change our conquering mindset into a nurturing one. Mother not only focuses on consumption and moving away from our current economic model, but it shows in a holistic manner how empowering women worldwide will help to solve the environmental, social and humanitarian crises that stem from population growth.

“Mother: Caring for 7 Billion” is a courageous effort to awaken us to the population crisis slowly suffocating Mother Earth and the individual”. 
- Ellen V. Moore - Amnesty International, USA Board Of Directors

"Mother is a must-see film on why population growth still matters & what is hindering action to reduce it."

- Hania Zlotnik, Director Population Division/DESA, UNITED NATIONS

"Mother is a loving, thoughtful, visually striking treatment of one of our biggest questions..."
- Alan Weisman, Author, The World Without Us

To access French narration and subtitles - From main menu, select Subtitles
Select ON for French (narration) subtitles.  Select PLAY.

English, Spanish and Portuguese sub-titles also available.

Winner Best Social Issue Documentary - DocuFest Atlanta
Winner Best Colorado Film - Boulder International Film Festival
Winner Best Film - Population Institute's 32nd Annual Media Awards

Official Selection:
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
American Conservation Film Festival
Princeton Environmental Film Festival
Kansas International Film Festival
LA Femme Film Festival




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