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GH-S1 - Ep 3 - Power of an Idea, The (3/6)

This is also part of this series: GreenHeroes (6)

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Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: CineFocus
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 25 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2010
Available in French: No

Many people find saving the planet to be an overwhelming idea, but these GreenHeroes have found a way to make simple changes part of the bigger picture.

Willa Black
Corporate warrior who masterminded the CBC and Cisco Canada’s popular One Million Acts of Green campaign.
As a marketing executive, Willa was given the challenge to start a campaign to promote the company’s Human Network. But it wasn’t until she left the tap running while brushing her teeth, that she connected the idea of her own individual responsibility to a wider global campaign. Since then, the Million Acts of Green campaign has globally inspired people to save 461,795,726 pounds of green house gases.
David Suzuki
A man whose name is synonymous with environmentalism.
This popular host of The Nature of Things had his epiphany while on a fishing trip. Suzuki was just a young zoology professor in the 1960s. While on a fishing trip in Squamish, B.C., he discovered how much of a wasteland clear cutting had created and in contrast, the serenity and relief the forest area provided. This epiphany led to environmental activism, a message he broadcast to millions on his popular CBC TV show, The Nature of Things.
Stuart Hickox
A former marketer who is now applying the tools of his trade to help green the planet.
Volunteers in his Project Porchlight campaign have distributed three million compact florescent light bulbs for free – door to door. Stuart inspires people to take simple steps towards more sustainable living on his OneChange.org website and his tire checking Psst!... fuel efficiency initiative.
Photo credit: Devin Lund

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