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Drug Class - Season 3 (13)

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Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: Cooper Rock
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 13x23 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: Yes

Copyright Date: 2010
Available in French: No

DRUG CLASS - S3 is a 13 part TV documentary series that follows six students as they struggle with varying levels of drug and alcohol consumption. Their stories are interwoven with Rand Teed’s drug classes, his counseling sessions with them, their everyday lives and their personal diary cams. The interviews with both the kids and their families are candid. While some clean up their act using his method and guidance, some are not so lucky.

The DRUG CLASS website (url below) is definitely worth a visit.  There you will find more from videos of the kids, links to organizations and extra resources and information for teachers and parents.

Links: www.drugclass.ca

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Series Titles Clip Producer
DC-S3 Ep 01 - Welcome Back to Drug Class Season 3 (1/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 02 - Megan (2/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 03 - Hayley (3/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 04 - Caroline (4/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 05 - Brain Chemistry (5/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 06 - Michael - Independence (6/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 07 - Jessa (7/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 08 - Megan's Seminar (8/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 09 - Caroline - Treatment Centres (9/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 10 - Staying Healthy (10/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 11 - Michael - Co-dependency (11/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 12 - Dark Side of Drugs, The (12/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S3 Ep 13 - Reunion, The (13/13) Cooper Rock

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