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Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock (13)

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $1995
K-12 Single School DVD: $795
Public Library (HUO) DVD: $495


Grade Level: Gr 4-6
Producer: Sun-Rock Productions
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 13x24 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: Online, Links Below

Copyright Date: 2010
Available in French: Yes

This series is at the cutting edge of new production technologies. It places live actors with a stunning digitally-created world. The actors are then treated to match the painted backgrounds, creating an “animated watercolor” effect.

A half-hour youth quest series, Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock tells the compelling tale of young Anash’s mission as he tries to reunite all parts of the mystical Sun-Rock in order to fulfill a prophecy to attain peace and protect a fragile land. Aided by his servant Kole, Anash’s underlying motive is to discover his true identity.

Based on classic myths from the Tlingit Nation's oral history, Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock takes place in the mid-1800s on the archipelago of islands and inlets that currently make up the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada. At that time, despite being home to thousands of Tlingit, the land was considered by outsiders to be a “no-man’s land” and therefore ripe for plunder by any who came along.
Each episode advances Anash’s internal and external journey.  In navigating a dangerous world, Anash encounters many challenges that test his abilities as a young warrior and aid in his development and growth.
Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock appeals to the young and young-at-heart who believe in the magic reality of fairy tales and for whom… the journey is everything.

Please note:  Both English and French versions of the series are closed captioned and video described.

Visit the multi-award winning interactive website (links below) that is a comprehensive companion to the Anash series. On the site you will find many varied and fun activities to further enrich the Anash learning experience.  There is a special teacher page that features an in depth guide and curriculum correlations.


Nominated for a 2011 Gemini - Best Children or Youth Fiction Program or Series

Banff World Media Award for Best Youth Program - 2011

Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards - 2011
  • Best Children's Program or Series
  • Best Narrator for Gord Marriot
Vanguard Works who did the design work for the animated myth sequences
has won an ACE Award of Distinction in the category of computer illustration.

Epsiode #13 - Death and Peace is Nominated for a 2011 Banff Rockie Award in the Youth Programs category.

Alberta Film and Television Nominations - 2011
  • Best Children's Program or Series
  • Best Cinematographer Drama Under 30 - John Spooner, CSC
  • Best Overall Sound Drama - Garrell Clark, John Blerot and Ian Armstrong
  • Best Makeup Artist - Michael Devanney
  • Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity - Episode #8 - Into the Valley of the Frost
  • Best Alberta Actor - Colin Van Loon - Episode #8 - Into the Valley of the Frost
  • Best Narrator - Gord Marriott - Episode #13 - Death and Peace
  • Best Original Musical Score Drama - Donovan Reimer - Episode #13 - Death and Peace
  • Best Production Designer/Art Director - John Blackie - Episode #13 - Death and Peace
  • Best Special Effects - Kim Klegg, Jeremy Webb & Christine Shankowsky - Episode #13 - Death and Peace



www.anashinteractive.com/parents.html   Teacher Page

Awards for the Website:
  • Best Original Cross-Platform Content at the 2009 Alliance for Children and TV Awards, Toronto, Ontario
  • Best Convergent New Media, 2009 CFTPA Indie Awards, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2008 Japan Prize for Educational Media, Tokyo, Japan
  • Gold in the Children’s Category at the 2008 Davey Awards, Kentucky
  • Silver in the Youth Category at the 2008 Davey Awards, Kentucky
  • Finalist, Best Cross Platform Project, 2008 Gemini Awards, Toronto, Ontario
  • Best Digital Cross–Platform Project at the 2008 Alberta Film and Television Awards
  • Silver award at the 2008 World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany
  • Gold Remi in the Children’s Interactive category at the 2008 WorldFest, Houston, Texas
  • Bronze Omni in the Children’s category at the 2008 Omni Intermedia Awards, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Entertainment Standard of Excellence at the Web Marketing Association’s Web

Series Titles Clip Producer
Unseen Enemy, The (1/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Through the Blue Tunnel (2/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Exile from Suskan Inlet (3/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Face in the Forest, A (4/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Upon the Words of Elders (5/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Will of the North Wind, The (6/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Deer Captive, The (7/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Into the Valley of the Frost (8/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Challenge of Du'Kakawu, The (9/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Pathfinders (10/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Darkest of Waters, The (11/13) Sun-Rock Productions
World is as Sharp as a Knife, The (12/13) Sun-Rock Productions
Death and Peace (13/13) Sun-Rock Productions

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