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Food Super Highway

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $249
K-12 Single School DVD: $149


Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: BBC
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 50 mins
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2010
Available in French: No

Ever wondered how fresh food gets across the globe to the supermarkets every day? Food Super Highway looks at the astonishing journey and the technology needed to get food onto our shelves.

Food Super Highway looks at the world's most important network - the web of movement that connects every country in the world, and never stops moving. This is the path our food must take in order to reach the local supermarkets. 

Looking at the techniques used to ship different perishables over long distances, this programme shows the important role technology plays in food import and export, and the environmental cost of shipping food around the world, compared with growing the food more locally - with surprising results.
  • $602 billion worth of food was transported around the world in 2008.
  • Salmon caught in Scotland are shipped to China to have 36 pin bones removed before travelling all the way back to the supermarkets in England.
  • In one year alone, trucks transporting food around Britain cover the same number of miles that it would take to travel to the Sun and back three times.