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Go for it! (7/9)

This is also part of this series: Gorilla Parenting (9)

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $150
K-12 Single School DVD: $55
Public Library (HUO) DVD: $39.95


Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Sinking Ship
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 20 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2008
Available in French: No

ROUGH AND TUMBLE PLAY: Rough and tumble play combined with vocalization allow kids to build endurance, strength and let off steam. Boys demonstrate this type of play more than girls. Kimberly Bezaire an ECE specialist at OISE explains that children take on roles when they play and through this, boys learn important story-telling skills.

RISK TAKING: There is a notion that kids are fragile and that good parenting typically means keeping kids too protected, which creates risk-adverse kids. Parenting expert Alyson Shafer suggests that to help kids take risks parents must appreciate their personal fear and encourage them to take small steps to eliminate that fear.