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Drug Class - Season 1 (13)

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Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: Cooper Rock
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 13x23 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: Yes

Copyright Date: 2008
Available in French: No

DRUG CLASS follows six kids struggling with varying levels of drug and alcohol consumption. Their stories are interwoven with Rand Teed's drug classes, his counselling sessions with them, their everyday lives and their personal diary cams. The interviews with both the kids and their families are candid. While some clean up their act using his method and guidance, not everyone is so lucky. You will find out what happens to each of the six kids in this 13-part series.

  • 2010 Award for Excellence in Media Reporting to Rand Teed - Kaiser Foundation's National Award for Excellence Program
  • 2008 Gemini Award for Best Direction in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series for the Travis’ Story Episode

Links: http://www.drugclass.ca

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Series Titles Clip Producer
DC-S1 Ep 01 - Welcome to Drug Class (1/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 02 - Just Say Know (2/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 03 - Kristie's Story (3/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 04 - What You Don't Know about Marijuana (4/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 05 - Kirsten's Story (5/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 06 - Denial (6/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 07 - Travis' Story (7/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 08 - Normal? Brain Chemistry (8/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 09 - Cyara's Story (9/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 10 - Four Horsemen of the Drug Addiction Apocalypse, The (10/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 11 - Recovery / Relapse (11/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 12 - Let's Make it to Graduation (12/13) Cooper Rock
DC-S1 Ep 13 - Where do We Go from Here? (13/13) Cooper Rock

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