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Thrills and Chills Pt I (22/26)

This is also part of this series: This is Daniel Cook - Season II (13)

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Grade Level: JK-Gr3
Producer: marblemedia/Sinking Ship
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 30 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: Online See Link Below

Copyright Date: 2005
Available in French: No

THIS IS DANIEL COOK GO-CARTING --- Daniel Cook feels what it must be like to be a professional race car driver when he visits a go carting arena for a few spins around the track. Along side his new racing buddy, Daniel challenges his Dad to a race. -

THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT A WATER PARK --- Daniel Cook has been invited to a water park to try the different slides and attractions. Daniel learns how waves are made in the wave pool, how to control your speed in the water tube and how to race down the water slide. -

THIS IS DANIEL COOK ON A ROLLERCOASTER --- Daniel Cook visits a theme park for a spin on a rollercoaster. Daniel learns how the rollercoasters are attached to the track and how some rollercoasters can even do loops.

THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT A THEME PARK --- Daniel Cook is going to the most magical place in the world…a theme park! Daniel learns how theme parks are created around a story, discusses what his theme park would be and enjoys a few rides.

THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING ABOUT STUNTS --- Daniel Cook has been invited to see a stunt show. Daniel investigates one of the stunt cars, talks to an actual stunt car driver and gets to sit in the front row to see the stunt cars in action.

Awards: At the 2005 Act Awards of Excellence, This is Daniel Cook won the following awards: Grand Prize Best Program All Categories; Award of Excellence All Genres; Award of Excellence Best Website; Emerging Talent Award to marblemedia’s Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg; 2005 Geminis - Nominated for best pre school program or series; Best Direction in a children’s or youth program or series; Best Performance in a children’s or youth program or series.

Links: http://www.thisisdanielcook.com (children’s interactive site);

http://www.thisisdanielcook.com/grown-ups/parents_teachers.html  (teacher page)