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Primetime War II

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $495


Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Highlight Films
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 52 mins
Country of Origin: Israel
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2002
Available in French: No

A sequel to Primetime War - 1999, Primetime War II goes behind the scenes of TV News, to where it all begins: the event, and sometimes a short time before it happens. Primetime War II follows the cameramen to a real war. A war in which cameramen are killed and injured, where the name of the game is survival and power, rather than journalistic ethics and fairness. Primetime War II leads the viewers through the personal stories of camerament, Israelis and Palestinians who live here all their lives, and cameramen with foreign nationality who were sent to Israel to fill the gap: to bring news which Israelis and Palestinians can't get because of their nationalities. The camermen wonder if things escalate merely because of their presence.

Links: http://www.highlight.co.il

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