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Children of the Tide: Microscopic Life in the Plankton

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $150


Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: Video Project
Closed Captioned:
Running Time: 24 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: Yes

Copyright Date: 2001
Available in French: No

Sea stars, sea urchins, and many other marine invertebrates begin life as microscopic zooplankton, drifting for weeks in the ocean. During this time, their appearance and behavior are quite different from those of their adult stage. This non-narrative video presents the rarely-filmed embryo and larval development of common marine invertebrates. It also reveals the plankton community that is their home during the first few weeks of their lives as Children of the Tide. Sub-titles and on-screen text are used to identify species and developmental stages. The accompanying guide provides further information about each section of the film, in addition to giving a general overview of marine plankton and invertebrate larval development.