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Subjects: Environment, Ocean, Pollution, Sustainability, Toxic Waste, Water

Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: Video Project
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 33 mins
Country of Origin: United States
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2017
Available in French: No

Sparked by research that plastic straws are now among the top-five beach litter item collected, Straws outlines how billions of non-recyclable plastic straws litter streets and wash into oceans.
The film opens with an animated sequence narrated by Tim Robbins which charts the history of straws and notes how plastic is a recent trend in straw production as opposed to earlier sustainable forms, such as metals, bamboo, and paper. It then explores the modern dilemma of these one-time use products as millions are produced to satisfy a wholly artificial demand.
Important questions are raised regarding the use of plastic in straw production, and several environmental scientists lay out how these seemingly innocuous items will end up doing irreversible harm to marine life, the ocean, and eventually human health if the problem continues to build. Sea turtles are frequent victims as they often consume plastics that will not break down in their body or get caught in bags and nets. The researchers who discovered the straw lodged inside the nose of an endangered Costa Rican sea turtle, recount their tale over footage of their viral video.

Alongside scenes of beach clean-up crews, Straws provides alternate, sustainable solutions such as paper, bamboo, or metal straws -- which have cut down costs for local businesses -- and encourages the simple act of refusing a straw when at a restaurant. Empowering tales, from local business owners who have changed their ordering model to middle schoolers who have enacted challenges in their communities, highlight how anyone can take action to help save the world's oceans.

Straws is ultimately a tale about how small actions can lead to big change. 
"Thought-provoking...This inspiring program raises important environmental issues and reinforces the positive effects of grassroots advocacy." - Booklist
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned • Spanish Subtitles

Outstanding Achievement Award in Environmental Film, Cayman International Film Festival

Official Selection:

Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival
Sonoma International Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival
Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival
South Bay Film + Music Festival
Cayman International Film Festival
Illuminate Film Festival
Earth x Film
Borneo Eco Film Festival
Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival
Carmel International Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival
Borneo Eco Film Festival
Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
Santa Cruz Film Festival
Devour Food & Film Festival
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

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