KOOP - The Art of Wanda Koop

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Subjects: Art, Biographies, Canadian Art

Grade Level: SrH-Adult
Producer: Site Media
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 52 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No

Copyright Date: 2011
Available in French: No

Painter Wanda Koop shows us what we missed the first time, what remains hidden, and makes us question how and what we see. “I paint it and then I see it.”

The visionary Canadian artist Wanda Koop is preparing massive new paintings of archetypal cities and familiar yet disquieting landscapes. Named by Time Magazine as one of Canada’s best artists, recipient of the Order of Canada, honorary doctorates and prizes, Koop’s creative life is hectic. Taking a break from studio demands, she embarks on a journey by freighter boat. Sketches, photographs and moments of observation soon lead to a new group of astonishing paintings.

This is a knowledge-based film that explores the science of vision, colour, perception and creative thinking. This is an experience based film that explores the importance of the Artist’s Studio, as a factory of the imagination.

A sketching trip by freighter boat, paintings, colour and vision experiments accompanied by interviews and an evocative music score follow her creative process from the real to the imagined. We enter Koop’s world. We start to find our way when we relate Koop’s strange yet familiar images to our own frames of reference.
I cannot have any distraction whatsoever… It’s like being a tight ropewalker. If I get one distraction I will fall off... I have to trust all of that. if I stop trusting the process then I would stop making art. “
Wanda Koop Biography
Wanda Koop is one of Canada’s most distinguished and inventive artists. Her painting and video career spans three decades and includes over 50 exhibitions. She is the recipient of national and international awards such as the Canada Council “A“ grant, the Paris Studio, the Japan Fund Award and the Manitoba Arts Council “A” grant. In 2003 she received a Doctor of Letters from the University of Winnipeg and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award. Most recently Time magazine listed her as one of Canada’s best artist along with Janet Cardiff, Jeff Wall and Michael Snow.




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