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This is also part of this series: This is Daniel Cook - Season I (13)

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Subjects: Children's Films, Children's Stories: Live Action, Language Arts

Grade Level: JK-Gr3
Producer: marblemedia/Sinking Ship
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 30 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: Online See Link Below

Copyright Date: 2004
Available in French: No

1) THIS IS DANIEL COOK AT A POOL; Daniel Cook visits a pool and learns about water safety. Daniel learns what life jackets are used for before joining a kids swimming class to play some fun water (and underwater) games.

2) THIS IS DANIEL COOK ROCK CLIMBING; Daniel Cook scales a rock-climbing wall! Daniel learns about the safety equipment rock climbers use and why it is important to have someone with you when you rock climb. With his harness on, Daniel climbs his way up to the top of the rock-climbing wall.

3) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LEARNING TAE KWON DO; Daniel Cook joins a children's Tae Kwon Do class and learns some of the philosophy and techniques behind the art form. Daniel uses this knowledge to break a board in two.

4) THIS IS DANIEL COOK LAWN BOWLING; Daniel Cook has been invited to a lawn bowling club to get his very first lesson in the sport. Daniel learns how to play the game before challenging other club members to a doubles match.

5) THIS IS DANIEL COOK SKATING; Daniel Cook joins world-champion skater Kurt Browning for his first figure skating lesson. Daniel learns how to skate forward, how to stop and how to spin on the ice.

Awards: At the 2005 Act Awards of Excellence, This is Daniel Cook won the following awards: Grand Prize Best Program All Categories; Award of Excellence All Genres; Award of Excellence Best Website; Emerging Talent Award to marblemedia’s Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg; 2005 Geminis - Nominated for best pre school program or series; Best Direction in a children’s or youth program or series; Best Performance in a children’s or youth program or series.

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