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  Title Clip Producer
1. I Can Do This and I Know it's Right (8/9) Sinking Ship
2. I Could Do That Weston Woods
3. I Lost My Bear Weston Woods
4. I Love You Like Crazy Cakes Weston Woods
5. I Stink Weston Woods
6. I Think of You Often Barrie, Scott
7. I Want My Hat Back Weston Woods
8. I Will Take Care of You (4/13) Sinking Ship
9. I'm Brave Weston Woods
10. I'm Fast Weston Woods
11. I'm Still Here - The Truth about Schizophrenia Direct Cinema
12. I, Crocodile Weston Woods
13. I, Nuligak - An Inuvialuit History of First Contact White Pine Pictures
14. Iceland (2/13) Sinking Ship
15. Idealist, The - James Beveridge, Film Guru Beevision
16. IdeaLogs (4) Asterisk
17. Idle Threat Video Project
18. If a Tree Falls - A Story of the Earth Liberation Front KINOSMITH
19. If I Should Fall Joint Media Group Inc.
20. If You Made a Million Weston Woods
21. Imagination Days (11/13) Sinking Ship
22. Immigration Task Force (2/3) White Pine Pictures
23. Immortalists, The Video Project
24. Impossible Home, The - Robert Kroetsch & his German Roots (9/52) White Pine Pictures
25. In Between World of MG Vassanji, The Cogent Benger
26. In Defense of Animals Bullfrog Films
27. In My Lifetime Video Project
28. In My Parents Basement Makin' Movies
29. In Organic We Trust Video Project
30. In Search of International Justice Judy Films
31. In Search Of The Edge Random Walk
32. In the Company of Wild Butterflies Bullfrog Films
33. In the Light of Reverence - Devils Tower - (Classroom Version) Bullfrog Films
34. In the Light of Reverence - Protecting America's Sacred Lands Bullfrog Films
35. In the Light of Reverence - Protecting America's Sacred Lands - Classroom Version Bullfrog Films
36. In The Mayor's Footsteps - Brazil (2/2) Bullfrog Films
37. In The Mayor's Footsteps - Peru (1/2) Bullfrog Films
38. In the Month of Kislev Weston Woods
39. In The Name of Honour (21/30) Bullfrog Films
40. In the Name of Safety (5/6) Bullfrog Films
41. In the Name of the Emperor: The Rape of Nanjing Filmakers Library
42. In the Name of the Family Bishari Films
43. In the Night Kitchen Weston Woods
44. In the Presence of Healers: Conversations with Ethnobotanist Paul Cox Direct Cinema
45. In the Shadow of Feeling Bryan Law
46. In the Small Small Pond Weston Woods
47. In the Wake of War (24/27) Bullfrog Films
48. In Whose Interest Bullfrog Films
49. Inca Music, Journeys and Rituals Filmakers Library
50. Incarcerating US Bullfrog Films
51. Inch by Inch Weston Woods
52. Incredible Creature (2/3) Direct Cinema
53. Independent Intervention: Breaking Silence Bullfrog Films
54. India (11/13) Sinking Ship
55. India Inhales (12/30) Bullfrog Films
56. India: Medical Tourism Filmakers Library
57. India: Turmoils of the Past Century Parts I & II Filmakers Library
58. Indian Revolt Filmakers Library
59. Indoor Recess (31/39) marblemedia
60. Industrial Systems of Tomorrow: Finding Sustainability Through Natural Cycles Video Project
61. Infinite, The - Renewable Energy Curriculum Video Project
62. Inner Mountains, Inner Valleys Envision
63. Innocent Until Proven Guilty - James Forman Jr, Public Defender Filmakers Library
64. InRealLife KINOSMITH
65. Inside Burma Bullfrog Films
66. Inside the Culture of Resistance Arab Film Distribution
67. Inspiring Figures: Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald (DVD) Weston Woods
68. Interesting People, Interesting Jobs (18/26) marblemedia/Sinking Ship
69. Into Eternity Video Project
70. Into the Fire - Episode #2 (2/6) Sweetgrass & Sage Inc.
71. Into the Light White Pine Pictures
72. Into the Valley of the Frost (8/13) Sun-Rock Productions
73. Introducing Debbie (4/13) Makin' Movies
74. Inuit Artists (5/8) Inuit Communications
75. Inuit Piqqusingit (8) Inuit Communications
76. Inuksuit (1/8) Inuit Communications
77. Invisible Garments: Expensive Soles (2/6) Bullfrog Films
78. Invisible Nation: Policing the Underground White Pine Pictures
79. Invisible Revolution: A Youth Subculture of Hate Filmakers Library
80. Invisible Wall, The Filmakers Library
81. Iran: The Cyber Dissidents Filmakers Library
82. Irène, la courageuse Weston Woods
83. Irish Woman's Kingdom: Kit Coleman, An (42/52) White Pine Pictures
84. Iron Men, Wooden Ladders Firehouse Mouse
85. Is Green the New Black? (2/7) TVE
86. Is your Mama A Llama Weston Woods
87. Isabel Allende Filmakers Library
88. Ish Weston Woods
89. Islam and America: Through the Eyes of Imran Khan Filmakers Library
90. Islamic Fundamentalism and Democracy Filmakers Library
91. Island of the Skog, The Weston Woods
92. Islas Hermanas (Sister Islands) Bullfrog Films
93. Israel (6/11) Sinking Ship
94. It Takes a Child Judy Films
95. It Takes a Village (6/12) Bullfrog Films
96. It's a Simple Life (10/13) Juxtapose Productions
97. It's Eco-Logic! Lighthouse
98. It's Gotten Rotten Bullfrog Films
99. Italy (9/13) Sinking Ship
100. Italy and Egypt (13/13) Sinking Ship
101. It's a Different World Filmakers Library
102. IVAN - The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Weston Woods
103. Ivvavik National Park - YT (26/70) Good Earth Parks
104. I'm a Girl and You Are a Boy (6/9) Sinking Ship
105. I'm Dirty Weston Woods
106. I'm Okay and So Are You! (2/9) Sinking Ship