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Look Kool (16)

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School Bd/College/University DVD: $1500
5 yr streaming: $1500
DVD + 5 yr streaming: $3000


Grade Level: Gr 4-6
Producer: Apartment 11 Prod.
Closed Captioned: Yes
Running Time: 16x24 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: See link below

Copyright Date: 2015
Available in French: No

LOOK KOOL is a zany show about geometry, jam-packed with skits, songs, cartoons, and 3D special effects. Our host, Hamza, and his mischievous robot cat show viewers how geometry is in everything all around us, from roller coasters to Frisbees to ice cream cones. Kids build stuff, and break stuff, and sometimes even do a chicken dance to help Hamza find the answers.
LOOK for brain-bending puzzles, KOOL hands-on experiments and totally wacky challenges, all in the name of math.
In every episode, real kids, help Hamza solve a mathematical mystery: Why are bubbles always round? Why are so many musical instruments made of cylinders? How can you make your bike more aerodynamic? How is it that cheerleaders on the bottom of a pyramid don’t get squished? Can a megaphone really help you hear someone whispering all the way across a soccer field?

Bet you didn’t know the answers could be found in geometry! LOOK KOOL is about Kool math all around us. So take a Look. It’s sure to make you laugh out loud!
“Look Kool is an engaging, exciting show that helps to contextualize mathematics, showing how mathematics is a critical element of STEM and demonstrating to children how math is relevant to every aspect of our world.”  - Scott Taylor, Education Specialist - Let's Talk Science

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Series Titles Clip Producer
Spheres (1/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Mapping (2/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Arches (3/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Musical Cylinders (4/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Pyramids (5/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Cones (6/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Tiling (7/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Aerodynamics (8/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Spirals (9/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Lenses (10/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Domes (11/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Cubes (12/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Wedges (13/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Sports Projectiles (14/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Symmetry (15/16) Apartment 11 Prod.
Trusses (16/16) Apartment 11 Prod.

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