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Darkness (8/13)

From the Series: Finding Stuff Out - S4 (13)

Subjects: Agriculture, Animal Behaviour, Animals, Arctic, Biodiversity, Energy, Environment, First Nations Studies, Fish, Food Supply, Forests, Human Body, Insects, Medicine, Plants, Science, Space

Producer: Apartment 11 Prod.
Country of Origin: Canada
Available in French: No
Running Time: 22 mins
Closed Captioned: Yes
Copyright Date: 2017
Study Guide: Yes, see below

Suitable for Grades 1-6

The Big Question:
“Do carrots really help you see in the dark?”

Synopsis: To overcome her fear of the dark, Zoey investigates why it gets dark, and learns how animals and plants have evolved to adapt to darkness.
My Great Challenge: To understand how owls hunt at night, Zoey blindfolds the challengers and has them “hunt” for squeaky stuffed animals.
In the Field: Zoey and a bat expert go on a nighttime bat-finding expedition.

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