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1. A Boy A Dog and A Frog Weston Woods
2. A Colony Up for Grabs (1600-1867) (1/3) White Pine Pictures
3. A-OK? (26/30) Bullfrog Films
4. Aakideh: The Art & Legacy of Carl Beam W.E. Productions
5. Abandoned: The Betrayal of America's Immigrants (Long Version) Bullfrog Films
6. Abandoned: The Betrayal of America's Immigrants (Short Version) Bullfrog Films
7. Abbott Pass Refuge Cabin, Alberta (38/65) Good Earth Productions
8. Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya White Pine Pictures
9. Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln Weston Woods
10. Aberson, Les : Un couple à contre-courant (19/52) White Pine Pictures
11. Acadian Spirit-The Legacy of Philippe d'Entremont (6/52) White Pine Pictures
12. Acte de Grâce, un (34/52) White Pine Pictures
13. Active Imagination (6/13) Sinking Ship
14. Activists, The Bullfrog Films
15. Addicted to Plastic Cryptic Moth
16. Addiction Incorporated Adrienne Jules Found.
17. Adeena Karasick (22/23) Makin' Movies /Symmetree
18. Adopt, Adapt, and Survive (5/13) TVE
19. Adventures in the Gender Trade Filmakers Library
20. Adventures of Wayan and the Three R's , The Video Project
21. Affluenza Bullfrog Films
22. Afghanistan's Opium Trail Filmakers Library
23. Africa in the 21st Century (3) Filmakers Library
24. After a Suicide Filmakers Library
25. After Silence: Civil Rights and the Japanese-American Experience Bullfrog Films
26. After the Spill - Louisiana War Stories Part II Bullfrog Films
27. After Winter, Spring Bullfrog Films
28. Against the Grain: Biotechnology: The Corporate Takeover of Your Food Video Project
29. Age of Aluminium, The Video Project
30. Aghbalou - The Source of Water Video Project
31. Aging Out: Teens Leaving Foster Care Filmakers Library
32. Aging with Community (6/10) Asterisk
33. Aiming High (9/27) Bullfrog Films
34. Air Pollution (2/5) Bullfrog Films
35. Ajit Filmakers Library
36. Al-Rashid: The Story of Canada's First Mosque Reel Girls Media
37. Alarm Rings Softly (3/6) Bullfrog Films
38. Albert Karvonen - Philosophies on Nature, the Environment and Wildlife Filmmaking Reel Girls Media
39. Albert the Ant (1/17) Sinking Ship
40. Alberta Parks Collection (3) Good Earth Parks
41. Alberta Rivers Collection (3) Good Earth Rivers
42. Algonquin Park, Ontario (24/65) Good Earth Productions
43. Algonquin Provincial Park - ON (10/70) Good Earth Parks
44. Alice the Elephant (1/13) Sinking Ship
45. Aliens in the Field (1/13) TVE
46. All About Safety (6/13) Sinking Ship
47. All By Myself (8/39) marblemedia
48. All Different, All Equal (11/30) Bullfrog Films
49. All in the Genes Filmakers Library
50. All in this Tea Bullfrog Films
51. All Kinds of Fun (1/13) Sinking Ship
52. All of a Quiver (6/13) TVE
53. All of Me Video Project
54. All of Us Filmakers Library
55. All Sorts of Animals (3/13) marblemedia/Sinking Ship
56. All the Colours of the Earth Weston Woods
57. All the Time in the World Drift Prod. Inc.
58. All the Time in the World - Elem. School Version Drift Prod. Inc.
59. All the World Weston Woods
60. Alligators All Around Weston Woods
61. Almonds and Wine Zayer Shane
62. Almost Normal (12/13) Makin' Movies
63. Amahs of Hong Kong, The (5/6) Bullfrog Films
64. Amazing Art! (19/26) marblemedia/Sinking Ship
65. Amazing Bone, The Weston Woods
66. Amazing Bone, The (Mandarin/English) Weston Woods
67. Amazing Grace Weston Woods
68. Amazing Normal Story, The Filmakers Library
69. Amazon Journal Filmakers Library
70. America the Beautiful Video Project
71. America's Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie Bullfrog Films
72. American Outrage Bullfrog Films
73. American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein Typecast Releasing
74. American Ruling Class, The Bullfrog Films
75. American Tall Tales (DVD) Weston Woods
76. An Act of Faith - the Phelophepa Health Train (4/30) Bullfrog Films
77. An Act of Grace (34/52) White Pine Pictures
78. An Attentive Life: Edna Staebler Stephanie Walker
79. An Ecology of Mind Nora Bateson
80. An English Sense of Justice (15/52) White Pine Pictures
81. An Introduction to Biodiversity (1/5) Bullfrog Films
82. Anansi the Spider Weston Woods
83. Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock (13) Sun-Rock Productions
84. Anash et l'héritage de la pierre du Soleil (13) Sun-Rock Productions
85. Anatomy of a Springroll Filmakers Library
86. Ancient China (2/5) New Dimension Media
87. Ancient Egypt (3/5) New Dimension Media
88. Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh Video Project
89. Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World Bullfrog Films
90. And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (2/6) Bullfrog Films
91. And then it's Spring Weston Woods
92. Andrea Thompson (2/23) Makin' Movies /Symmetree
93. Angels of Mercy Sound Venture
94. Angels of Vengeance (4/6) Direct Cinema
95. Angry Girls Bishari Films
96. Angus and the Ducks Weston Woods
97. Animal Adventures (6/13) Sinking Ship
98. Animals (6/13) marblemedia/Sinking Ship
99. Animals Around the World (11/13) Sinking Ship
100. Animals on the Move (3/13) Sinking Ship
101. Animate Earth - Science, Intuition and Gaia Video Project
102. Anna Freud - Under Analysis Filmakers Library
103. Anne Simpson (19/23) Makin' Movies /Symmetree
104. Annie Ong: Lost and Found (1/3) PTV Productions
105. Annie Pootoogook Site Media
106. Another Way of Living: The Story of Reston, VA Video Project
107. Another World is Possible Bullfrog Films
108. Ant and the Grasshopper, The Weston Woods
109. Antarctic Antics Weston Woods
110. Anthropocene Bullfrog Films
111. Anthropocene - Short Version Bullfrog Films
112. Antigua and Barbuda (10/11) Sinking Ship
113. Antonio Vivaldi - A Man for All Seasons (7/12) Sound Venture
114. Anything I Can Do (18/39) marblemedia
115. Apple Farming for Kids (3/4) Rainbow Comm
116. Apt. 3 Weston Woods
117. Arabs and Terrorism Arab Film Distribution
118. Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Direct Cinema
119. Archives of the Mossad Series (6) Direct Cinema
120. Arctic Blues (8/13) TVE
121. Arctic Meltdown Rising Seas: Threatened Land, Threatened People Video Project
122. Arctic Trilogy (3) drumsong communications
123. Are We Different? Filmakers Library
124. Are We There Yet - Special: Canada - Maple Syrup Sinking Ship
125. Are We There Yet - Special: China - Celebrating the New Year Sinking Ship
126. Are We There Yet, World Adventure - S1 (13) Sinking Ship
127. Are We There Yet, World Adventure - S2 (13) Sinking Ship
128. Are We There Yet, World Adventure - S3 (11) Sinking Ship
129. Argentina: Turning Around Bullfrog Films
130. Argentina: Hope in Hard Times Bullfrog Films
131. Arid Lands Bullfrog Films
132. Arise Video Project
133. Arjun the Beaver (3/17) Sinking Ship
134. Armoury, The Toronto Corporate Video Productions
135. Arnie the Doughnut Weston Woods
136. Around the World (5/5) Video Project
137. Arrow to the Sun Weston Woods
138. Arrows Against the Wind Bullfrog Films
139. Art Weston Woods
140. Art as History (4/13) Juxtapose Productions
141. Art InCLINEd with Heather Cline (13) Juxtapose Productions
142. Art is a Mirror Moonbeam Productions
143. Art of Being Human, The Bullfrog Films
144. Art of Making Music, The (6/13) Juxtapose Productions
145. Asante Market Women Filmakers Library
146. Asian Folk Tales Weston Woods
147. Asmat: Time's Forgotten People Filmakers Library
148. At the End of a Gun: Women & War (9/30) Bullfrog Films
149. At the Farm (12/13) marblemedia/Sinking Ship
150. Ataturk, Founder of Modern Turkey Filmakers Library
151. Athabasca River, AB (6/39) Good Earth Rivers
152. Athens, Greece (11/13) The Nightingale Company
153. Atlantic to the St. Lawrence (1/3) Good Earth RD
154. Atomic States of America, The Video Project
155. Au coeur de la haine White Pine Pictures
156. Audrey the Octopus (3/13) Sinking Ship
157. August Years of May and Gloria, The Makin' Movies
158. Aulavik National Park, NWT (42/70) Good Earth Parks
159. Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut (65/70) Good Earth Parks
160. AWAKE, A Dream from Standing Rock Bullfrog Films