Canadian - Scattering of Seeds #1 (13)

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Acadian Spirit-The Legacy of Philippe d'Entremont (6/52)

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From the Series: Scattering of Seeds Season 1 (13)

Subjects: Canadian History, Family Studies, Immigration, Multicultural Studies

Grade Level: JrH-Adult
Producer: White Pine Pictures
Closed Captioned: No
Running Time: 30 mins
Country of Origin: Canada
Study Guide: No
Copyright Date: 1998
Available in French: Yes

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Philippe d'Entremont was one of the first French immigrants to settle in the New World. Lieutenant to the Governor, Charles de la Tour, d'Entremont was an educated man who had to learn to adjust to the harsh environment of Acadia. A hundred years later, his was one of the last families to leave Pubnico, Nova Scotia during the Acadian expulsion of 1755, and one of the first to return twelve years later. At Grand-Pre, Nova Scotia, a church and the statue of Evangeline commemorates the expulsion, when 10,000 Acadians were exiled for refusing to sign the oath of allegiance to the King of England. Produced by Acadian filmmaker Peter d'Entremont, a descendant of Philippe d'Entremont. In French: Retour, Le: L'heritage de Philippe d'Entremont