August 20, 2017

McNabb Connolly is a Canadian supplier of quality educational programming for K-12 schools, post secondary institutions and public libraries.

We can deliver programming to you on DVD or via a protected stream from our site.

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We Call Them Intruders - Financing Canadian Mining in Africa

Seventy-five percent of all mining companies are head-quartered in Canada, and this century’s global scramble for metals and minerals has led hundreds of Canadian mining corporations to Africa in search of the next big mine find. Poverty stricken Africans live on or beside mines that generate billions of dollars in profit each year. Many of these mines are financed - in part - by ordinary people paying taxes, putting away savings, making RRSP contributions and paying into pension plans in Canada. But who gets rich off Canadian mines?   We Call Them Intruders begins in Canada, when our main characters...

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